SCL Mellon Celebrates Silver Win in ‘Best in Lifestyle, Sports & Fitness’ at Influencer Marketing Awards

The latest achievement for SCL Mellon is the Silver Award in the ‘Best in Lifestyle, Sports & Fitness’ category at this year’s Influencer Marketing Awards. This award is a testament to our collaborative success in steering the ‘Athletes Are Made’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program for Admiral Greece.

The ‘Athletes Are Made’ CSR Program

Admiral is an iconic British heritage brand, with a rich sporting legacy. In 2023 the brand elevated its commitment to supporting young athletes through the “Athletes Are Made” program. Rooted in deep sports values, Admiral’s initiative underscores its enduring love for sports, and supports emerging athletes, acknowledging their daily endeavors to chase their dreams. Admiral proudly stands by a team of nine athletes, offering apparel, equipment, and covering travel expenses for tournaments abroad.

The ‘Athletes Are Made’ team

Efi Gouli, Paralympic Swimmer
Theodoros Iakovidis, Olympic Weightlifting Champion
Petros Gkaidatzis, World/European Rowing Champion
Evangelia Frangou, World/European Rowing Champion
Semeli Zarmakoupi, World Kickboxing Champion
Apostolis Telikostoglou, World Tae Kwon Do Champion
Despoina Georgiadou, World Fencing Champion
Konstantinos Englezakis, Swimming Champion
Nikolas Heliopoulos, Artistic Gymnastics Champion

Admiral’s commitment goes beyond mere victories; it celebrates the essence of sportsmanship, performance, and unwavering dedication, promising to stand steadfastly beside athletes at every step of their journey. Aligned with the mindset of the athletes we collaborate with, the program mirrors the dedication and continuous improvement witnessed in the sporting arena.

In collaboration with our trusted partners, Touchpoint Strategies and UPGR8, whose invaluable contributions played a pivotal role in this project, we embarked on a journey to create a meaningful impact in the world of influencer marketing while championing a noble cause. Our strategic alliance allowed us to navigate the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing with precision, ensuring that the ‘Athletes Are Made’ campaign resonated authentically with our target audience in the lifestyle, sports, and fitness domains.