SCL Mellon’s Musical Journey with Kappa: Primer Music Festival 2023 Recap

The beat was pumping, the crowds were roaring, and the stage was set for an unforgettable weekend of music and fashion. The Primer Music Festival 2023, held in Athens, was the perfect backdrop for a unique partnership between the fashion powerhouse Kappa and SCL Mellon. We’re thrilled to share the story of this successful synergy below:

Setting the Stage: Kappa as the Official Sponsor

Kappa,the iconic Italian brand known for its casual and athletic wear, has a storied history of associating its name with some of the world’s biggest music events. In 2023, the brand united its passion for music with the Primer Music Festival, one of Greece’s largest music events for electronic music. This festival boasts an impressive lineup of international artists and brings together electronic dance music enthusiasts from around the globe. Kappa, with its collections available across Admiral Sports Shops in Greece, decided to make the experience even more special for consumers.

The perfect synergy: SCL Mellon’s Expertise

With a drive for delivering exceptional results, we took on the role of managing Kappa’s sponsorship at the Primer Music Festival, by handling the brand’s sponsorship, social media strategy, public relations, booth design, and brand activations both before and during the event. It was a comprehensive approach that ensured Kappa’s presence was felt at every corner of the festival.

Kappa’s Collection: A Fashion-Forward Experience

For Kappa, the Primer Music Festival was the perfect stage to showcase their collections. With a strong presence in Admiral Sports Shops across Greece, Kappa offered festival-goers a unique experience. Customers purchasing Kappa products worth €70 or more at Admiral’s physical stores were entitled to a complimentary 2-day festival ticket valued at €70*. This move not only resonated with loyal Kappa enthusiasts but also attracted new ones. Moreover Kappa exclusively designed the line up T-shirts for the PMF2023 which were available for sale during the event.

A Booth to Remember: The Kappa Experience

As festival-goers entered the event, they were met with a vibrant and branded Kappa booth. This space wasn’t just a promotional area; it was an immersive experience. Visitors had the chance to indulge in neon face and body painting, embracing the festival’s vibrant vibe. Top makeup artists worked their magic, transforming attendees into living pieces of art.

Social Media Buzz: #KappaxPrimer

Kappa’s presence extended beyond the festival grounds and into the digital realm. Festival attendees who snapped a photo in front of the Kappa omini logo and shared it on Instagram with the hashtag #KappaxPrimer entered a raffle for a chance to win a trip for two to Milan. This interactive element added an extra layer of excitement to the event and had festival-goers eagerly sharing their experiences.

The Grand Finale: a success story

The Primer Music Festival 2023 was nothing short of a spectacular conclusion to the summer. The dynamic combination of music and fashion transformed the two days into an unforgettable music experience with a unique style. SCL Mellon is proud to have orchestrated this successful partnership and is delighted to share the story of Kappa’s vibrant presence at the Primer Music Festival 2023. The event was a testament to the power of marketing, the allure of fashion, and the magic of music.As the curtains fall on this unforgettable festival, the memories, the neon paint, and the beats continue to echo. Kappa and SCL Mellon – a musical success story.

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