Social Media: Is it now an in-house job?

Digi Hotel, Greece’s leading digital event for the hospitality sector, took place at the Xenia ‘22 exhibition, 26-28 November 2022. SCL Melon participated for the 4th consecutive year in the event, at the “Social media in Hospitality” session, as a digital marketing expert. 

Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, SCL Mellon’s Managing Director, analyzed trends, statistics, and the changes brought by social media in Hospitality. 

The topic of our presentation was whether Social Media Management is an in-house job or not and therefore we shared our experience and best practices.

An in-house social media manager can deal with everyday needs, provide customer service and create real time content, which are all very significant, 

On the other hand, an agency can come up with a successful social media strategy for every platform, handle social media crises or negative reviews, solve technical problems and offer consulting. A successful combination ultimately identifies opportunities,  increases sales and creates space for some fresh ideas. 

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