“Digital Fundraising for NGOs in 2022” Training Series

We’re pleased to announce the continuation of our successful partnership with Social Dynamo – a joint initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation – a project we are very happy to be a part of!

On June 23, 28 and 29, 2022, our Managing Director, Katerina Dimitrakopoulou, delivered digital fundraising training for non-profit organizations. These training sessions were conducted in Thessaloniki (June 23) and online (June 28 and 29), with over 70 participants.

The aim of the training was for the participants to be able to build a complete campaign for digital fundraising sourcing.

An online search for fundraising sources is one of the most important ways organizations can start with their fundraising efforts. During the training sessions Katerina highlighted the most effective strategies on how to do this, and how organizations can build and execute successful campaigns.

Among others, she described what digital fundraising is and why it is essential for every NGO, what crowdfunding is, and who it is relevant for. She also provided modern examples of NGO funding and presented various case studies.

Furthermore, she gave examples of donation platforms (Give & Fund, JumpStartGreece), to help participants better understand the concept of digital fundraising.

In addition to the above, she detailed the most effective strategies for digital fundraising and crowdfunding, including how to craft the right message, how to create a landing page on their website, how to set up an online campaign, and the channels they can use – i.e. websites, newsletters, social media platforms, SMS. 

Finally, she ran a workshop during which participants created online fundraising campaigns for their organization, including the main idea, channels, tactics, and KPIs.

At SCL Mellon, we always enjoy passing on our knowledge and experience to ensure that others are able to use it to their advantage. We look forward to the next opportunity to do so.

What participants said:

“We gained extremely fascinating ideas for our organization and the needs of promoting our work.”

“The session showed us all the methods, tools, and procedures for successful campaigns. Information and knowledge that we often seek was delivered to us in a targeted, and easy-to-understand way!”

“Thank you for inviting us to take part in this session. Please continue offering training like this.”